Ladislav Sutnar

Ladislav Sutnar (1897 – 1976) was a graphic designer from Plzeň, Czechoslovakia who was a pioneer of information design and information architecture. He received design commissions from a variety of employers, including McGraw-Hill, IBM, and the United Nations. He also worked as art director for Sweet’s Catalog Service for almost twenty years. Sutnar held many one-man exhibitions, and his work is on permanent display in MoMA. He is best known for his books, including Controlled Visual Flow: Shape, Line and ColorPackage Design: The Force of Visual Selling, and Visual Design in Action: Principles, Purposes. Sutnar was a master of exhibition design, typography, advertising, posters, magazine and book design.


  • Ladislav Sutnar Blocks
    Ladislav Sutnar, a Czechoslovak, who was born in Plzeň in 1897 and died in New York in 1976, was a pioneer of graphic design and shared with his contemporaries of the Bauhaus artistic movement a taste for bright colours and simple geometric shapes. A game designer, in 1921 he created the “Factory Town”, a very pure educational game of blocks that Vilac reissued 100 years later in cooperation with the artist Gérard Lo Monaco and the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art. 3 unique copies still exist in the world, including one exhibited at the MoMa in New-York. Ladislav Sutnar Wooden Blocks includes 33 pieces. Box dimensions 40 x 24 x 5 cm. Safety rated for ages 2+.

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