Marco Ginoulhiac

Marco Ginoulhiac (Bergamo, 1971) is an Italian architect with a passion for toys. In parallel with his teaching activity, over the years he has been investigating the relationship between play and the architectural design action on which he has taught, written texts and organized meetings. He periodically posts on his blog


  • Concordances game
    This game is designed to understand concordant geometries (surfaces delimited by concordant lines). Concordant lines are joined lines, curves or straight, where it is not possible to detect the point of union. The game is made by 60 pieces manufactured by high quality colored cardboard that con be used by all the ages in order to develop concentration, association, manual skill and imagination through the creation of bi-dimensional compositions. Developed by the artist Elvira Leite and the architect Marco Ginoulhiac.
  • Contrasts game
    “One Extremely old rule of visual communication is that of simultaneous contrast whereby the neighborhood of two opposing forms enhances and fit together the communication" Bruno Munari. It can be played as a memory game – Finds out and combines pairs of cards that make a contrast, or as a stories game – finds a card and tells a story. Or just used as a educational device approaching opposing concepts in a free conversation or narrative. Developed by the artist Elvira Leite and the architect Marco Ginoulhiac. Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 3 cm

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