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Puzzle Berlin


This map was drawn in 1896 by Julius Straube, a military cartographer who founded the Geographischen Instituts und Landkartenverlag that published, between 1858 and 1913, several thematic maps of the city of Berlin. Among these, is a map with bus lines (1864), postal districts (1873), taxi circulation areas (1884), in addition to a general plan of the city (1910), extremely detailed and divided into 44 sheets.

The Monumental Map of the Capital was published for the Industrial Exhibition of 1896, where the splendor of advances in the country, which at the time was at the height of technological progress, was evident.

On the map you can find the railway lines, tram lines, steam train lines, and horse-drawn wagon lines, in addition to the most relevant buildings in the capital. Some monuments are depicted in vignettes arranged around the map where, in the lower right corner, it is possible to observe the exhibition area identified as “Gewerbeausstellung 1896”.

Number of pieces: 540

Dimensions: 35 x 50 cm

Box dimensions: 8 x 8 x 28cm

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